Spending time outside is good for your mental and physical health. So, it’s nice to know that, no matter how big or small your yard is, you can still design a beautiful and comfortable outdoor space. This article will help you find stylish (and more importantly) comfortable outdoor furniture. 


Here in Sudbury and northern Ontario, our time outside is shorter than what most of the province experiences. We need to make every moment count. There is plenty of research behind the importance of spending time outside, including these five perks:

  1. More opportunities to soak up some Vitamin D. Our bones, blood cells and immune system all benefit from (a little bit of) sun. 
  2. Decreased anxiety comes naturally from spending time in your backyard. A few birds and trees can go a long way in reducing daily tensions.
  3. A better night’s sleep is another bonus from being outside. Nature helps to improve our sleep cycles and sunlight during the day helps us fall asleep faster at night. 
  4. How does a self-esteem boost sound? Even just five minutes working outside can be instrumental in boosting your confidence or sense of self-worth.
  5. Improving ADHD symptoms is another positive characteristic that comes from being outside. Researchers originally thought it was the activity patients received when outside, but turns out it was the green surroundings that help improved focus. 


When shopping for furniture we usually have two basic needs in mind; it needs to look good and feel good. Comfortablefurniture is always a priority, especially when you’re buying it with the intention of relaxing. Outdoor furniture has a few other major requirements though:

  • FUNCTION. In many cases our outdoor living space is small. We also usually have a lot of things to store around our patio set. This could include cushions, lanterns, bug spray, outdoor toys, gardening tools, etc. Using furniturethat doubles as storage is a great solution. Outdoor tables like this side table from Mesa is a perfect example. 
  • DURABILITY. It’s likely your outdoor furniture will remain outdoors, even when it’s too cold and snowy to enjoy it. Rain can also sneak up on us, so it should be able to hold up against the elements. Metal, teak, cedar, and wicker are known for standing up against whatever Mother Nature throws at us. By starting with the right materials, your new furniture will continue looking new, longer.
  • WASHABILITY. We get some intense rainstorms in Sudbury, the kind that cause mud to spray up and coat the bottoms of houses, cars, and furniture. It’s also pretty easy to spill a margarita on your favourite cushion. Being able to take off slipcovers to toss in the washing machine, or simply hose down your furniture is a game changer. 


Diggs and Dwellings spends time each year searching the globe for brands that are stylish, functional, and/or durable. We take pride in providing the best shopping experience. These standards led us to Cabana Coast Furniture. The quality and artistic touch in each piece is always appreciated by our customers. 

Cabana Coast also offers an outdoor furniture buying guide with tips for picking the perfect fire pit, chaise lounge, garden bench and more.

One thing we didn’t mention, but still plays an important factor in decorating our outdoor space… Price! No matter how comfortable, or functional your furniture is, if it’s not the right price, it’s a deal breaker. Keep an eye on our clearance page; the only thing better than finding the perfect furniture, is finding it on sale.