What did you build your patio for? Was it to relax? Host parties? Lounging next to a pool? Your patio isn’t “just a patio”, it’s an extension of your living space. It’s yours to define, utilize, and customize. So, with this article we’re looking at how to choose a theme for your patio. 


It might help to write a list of the ways you’d like to utilize your patio. Some questions to consider:

  • Are you looking for an extension to your kitchen? Patios can be as simple as a place to eat outside, or you can create a BBQing station with a sink and mini fridge.
  • Are you looking to grow plants? Sometimes the patio is the spot in the yard with the most sun. Growing herbs and vegetables so close to the kitchen is nice and convenient as well. 
  • Do you plan on having many guests? This could affect your seating.
  • What time of day will you be using it? If you plan to spend afternoons outside you may want to consider loungers or a covering. If you’re using it mostly at night, then a fire pit might be nice. 



It only takes a few well-chosen accessories to create a nautical theme and they’re not usually expensive. Consider hanging glass fishing floats or some knotted rope. Lighting your patio with lanterns rather than overhead lights is a great way to continue this theme. Check out these lanterns by Cabana Coast.

Navy and white are often incorporated into nautical designs and also makes a great combination for your patio furniture. It’s pretty easy to find outdoor cushions with anchors or sailboats too. 


If you liked the idea of growing veggies and herbs on your patio, then you might want to consider a garden theme. This is a great way to celebrate and show off your green thumb.

Consider neutral, brown, or white colour furniture with pillows that have pops of green. A water feature or bird bath may complement the theme and make you feel even closer to nature.

  1. BEACH

If you love the water but weren’t fussed over the nautical theme, a relaxing beach-themed patio may be what you’re looking for. Sandy coloured neutrals and ratan make for great furniture options. 

Driftwood, seashells, beach glass are all beautiful decor additions that you can usually find free at a beach anyway. This lets you splurge on something like a beautiful umbrella or firepit. Diggs and Dwellings is proud to source our patiofurniture from an Ontario manufacturer that’s known for design and quality. Thankfully, Cabana Coast offers both umbrellas and fire pits to complete this look. 

  1. TIKI

Tiki huts and bars have been trendy for decades now. It’s a look you can totally customize. A nice bonus to this theme is that a well-constructed hut and thatched tiki roof can survive 40-50 years. 

Since tiki huts are usually shades of brown and beige, use furniture and accessories to add pops of colour. 


A brightly coloured rug can anchor an outdoor sectional or day bed for a Middle Eastern inspired patio. Think: romantic lanterns, bold pillows, maybe even outdoor drapery. 

Diggs and Dwellings has been helping Sudbury families create the perfect patio space for five years. We love seeing new takes on classic themes like these. Let’s work together to design your outdoor patio.