With just a month or two of decent (outdoor) weather left, families in Sudbury and across northern Ontario are trying to make the most of their outdoor space. This article is focused on finding the best furniture for your BBQ and patio area.


Do you plan on keeping your backyard oasis to yourself, or show it off to plenty of guests? If you know you’ll want to entertain as much as possible during the spring and summer months then you’ll want a table big enough for all those guests, and all that food.

Extendable tables have been a feature in our dining rooms for decades now, but are only just being introduced as outdoor furniture. This is a great solution for family’s that like to entertain, but have a small deck or patio area. Extendable tables allow you to optimize your space.

However, if you prefer having guests over in the afternoon, or after dinner, then you might get more use out of a conversation set. These often consist of a couch, a couple of chairs, and a table or two. Check out some of the options we have available on our Instagram, it’s full of inspiration for your own patio.


Your furniture needs to look good, but more importantly, it needs to feel good. If you’re spending an afternoon lounging out back, you want to be comfortable. Otherwise, you’ll skip the sun and just curl up on the couch. There are other characteristics you should look out for when shopping for your patio:


Guests won’t feel comfortable eating at a patio table that’s covered in bird poop. They also don’t want to sit down on cushions with bbq sauce stains. Being able to easily clean your outdoor furniture is essential. Whether it’s mud that splashed up on the bottom of the chairs, or juice that has spilled on the cushions, the ability to easily wash or hose down your furniture is a relief. Wicker, cast aluminum, and removable cushions are great choices for this reason.


It is natural to want to keep outdoor accessories outside. It’s convenient and doesn’t take up precious interior storage space. Many homeowners regret not buying patio furniture with storage. Think about the accessories you need to keep handy before purchasing seats or tables. This could include pool toys, lanterns, bug spray, gardening tools, etc.


Diggs and Dwellings has made a lot of great partnerships in our community and across Canada. However, when we choose a furniture manufacturer to work with, we have strict standards they must continually meet. Cabana Coast Furniture has always provided us and our clients with stylish and durable pieces.

They understand the importance of quality materials and offer a variety of pieces from romantic day beds, to trendy tables, and loungers you can relax in all day.

The final quality that we work hard to offer our customers is realistic pricing. Have you ever noticed how some people love to brag about the great deal they got on a purchase? It’s fun, and a great feeling; we always want our customers to be that excited and proud about their decor… inside or outside their home.