To me, “organized” means I know where it is, even if it’s not in its right place. But that doesn’t help others find what they’re looking for, and when you have visitors, it doesn’t look very organized or tidy either. So, every once in a while, I get the overwhelming urge to purge and tidy, purge and tidy, purge and tidy every room. 

I’ve learned though, from experience, and from procrastinating (cause it’s always more fun to read about organizing than to do any actual organizing), that the best way to ensure a room stays in order, is to design it that way from the beginning. So, this article explores how to keep your space organized through simple decorating tips.


This is a good place to start because it’s actually one of the easier spaces to organize. The spice rack in particular can be one of the most fun and functional things to organize. Do a web search for “unique spice racks” and you will find a variety of ideas, one of them is bound to be perfect for you and your kitchen. Having this area organized will help make sure your food never burns as you’re rummaging to find the right herbs.

Use stackable racks in your pantry for storing pop or soup cans. That way a new one rolls forward every time you take one out and checking inventory before the grocery shopping is pretty easy this way.


One of the best ways to organize your bedroom is with a professional closet system. They really help set you up for success; the closet will no longer be a place where you just toss anything and everything, instead you’ll want to leave the doors open and show it off. 

Under the bed can be a wonderful spot for hiding things… until you have to find them again. If shopping for a new bed,keep in mind how you’re going to utilize the space underneath. Some beds come with built in storage and organization. For the most part though, you’ll want to look for bins or bags designed to go under the bed. Not only are they conveniently sized, they also have handles to easily pull out. 


There are so many cute ways to store your cosmetics and accessories. Built-in shelving is becoming popular in bathrooms, especially to fit designer storage boxes, glass jars and stackable racks. If you’re renovating your bathroom anytime soon, think vertical! Examine your wall space and let your imagination run wild with compact storage solutions here.

Doors are usually underutilized real estate in most homes. The back or inside of doors can be used to hang or shelve smaller items. Here in the bathroom for example you can find tiny shelf racks to go on the back of the door to hold anything from mouth wash to toilet paper. 


Whether it’s your basement, garage or spare room, use shelving to organize your hobbies. By having everything needed to enjoy the hobby, front and center, you might feel motivated to do it more. If you like gardening for example, create a gardening station and decorate it with a couple of cute pots and a vintage watering can. Sports fans can display pictures or trophies along with the sporting equipment or gear they’re currently using.


Your light fixtures won’t actually organize your home, but it will help you find what you’re looking for. Lighting is now being designed for inside closets, cabinets and other small spaces. It’s a small consideration that can make a big difference.