One complaint that we frequently hear from homeowners is that they’re having trouble decorating smaller rooms. Smaller rooms can present special difficulties, making it hard for homeowners to optimize the aesthetic of their living space. It is possible to decorate small rooms in your home; you just need to learn how!

At Diggs & Dwellings, we’ve been helping owners decorate small rooms for many years. We feel it’s important for every homeowner to convey their sense of individuality and character in their homes. We’re committed to providing homeowners with furniture and equipment that will allow them to do so. Here are 3 ways you can make your small room appear larger:


In order to design the smaller rooms in your home, you must get rid of the clutter. Anything in excess can classify as “clutter;” whether it’s piles of clothing or stacks of books and magazines, discarding items that you no longer use frees up valuable space in your home. If you’re looking for furniture to store your items so you can clear up valuable space in your home, consider investing in brand new side tables and dresser drawers.

Open Floor Space

When you’re devising a small room’s floor plan, consider pushing all furniture to the side and open your floor space. When you move your furniture into the middle of the room, you make your small room look and feel larger than it is. If you want to furnish your small space, consider picking up a few short items like end tables or an ottoman. If you plan on adding tall pieces of furniture in your small space, push them up against the wall or into the corner. The key is to have as much open floor space as possible!

Match Furniture With The Colour of Your Room

Did you know that you can lavishly decorate and furnish your small space and still make it feel large? When shopping for decorations and furniture, ensure that you’re picking out pieces that will match your small room’s colour tone. If you were to add pieces that don’t blend with your walls, floor, and ceiling colour, they’ll stand out and create the illusion of division. Picking out pieces that blend perfectly with your room will create the illusion of extra space and give you more decorative options.

When the time comes to choose furniture and other decorative pieces for your small space, make sure to consult with interior design experts at Digg & Dwellings. Our customer service representatives are more than happy to review your living needs and help you choose the best furniture for your home. For more information, contact us