The pandemic has changed things for us in so many ways, including our life at home. Many of us here in Sudbury found ourselves spending weeks, even months inside our houses, giving us plenty of time to literally stare at the walls. Dreaming of ways to redecorate is only natural. On top of that, for some, covid had created a shift where they are now permanently situated working from home. Designing an office, or – at the very least – a decorative wall as a backdrop for online meetings are now priorities. 

With that in mind, this guide has been created to help you with your renovations, featuring the top interior design trendsfor 2021.


So this design trend isn’t exactly new… but that’s the point. Design styles from the past, especially Victorian and Art Deco have made a big comeback. Many of us have seen this coming as interior design trends can follow fashion trends, and vintage has been very sought after for the last few years. It’s also popular to mix the old with the new, a modern living room, for example, with hints of lace and floral prints. 


Greys and blues have been popular for the last five years, or so, but things are warming up in 2021. Since we’re spending more time at home, the need to increase comfort, and create a cozy environment is more important than ever. Expect to see organic shades of camel, mixed with deep calming colours such as olive green. Burnt orange will continue to grow in popularity as well as fabrics with red or yellow undertones. 


We have probably cleaned more in 2020, than in the last 5 year years put together. With cleanliness top of mind, many home owners and designers are looking for fabrics and materials that can be easily wiped down and can stand up to antibacterial chemicals. This can be tough for rugs, upholstery, or other soft surfaces. Thankfully, manufacturers have been working on these materials for a while now, to help parents by creating kid-friendly materials. Being able to translate that into washable stylish furnishings and accessories for adults has been a smooth transition so far. 


Over the past year, we saw a renewed interest in cane webbing and rattan furniture. Natural materials such as leather, ceramic, light wood, and jute are following suit in 2021. Along with this, is a jump in appreciation for live plants, helping to create a peaceful, natural environment. To get the most out of this trend, try layering natural finishes within your living space to create texture and depth. A jute rug on your floor, for example, with a leather couch, wool throw pillows and an oak coffee table, will create an organic comfortable space.


This one may surprise you because open floor plans have been hugely popular for over a decade now. However, throughout covid, familys were forced to coexhist under the same roof, all day and night. Now that 2021 is here, we’re focusing on creating designated spaces for different activities such as an office, a play room, or a room for homeschooling. Closed floor plans offer privacy as well as improve your ability to focus, by eliminating distractions.